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Homeless Resource Center - Dinner

Dec 22,2017 5:00 PM-7:00 PM (EST)
Charlotte, NC

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Serving in our neighborhoods and communities is a vital part of Forest Hill’s mission “to glorify God by knowing Christ, growing in Christ, and going for Christ”. Each year, hundreds of people from all of our campuses serve with our GoLocal AIM partners. We ADVOCATE for these partners, we INVEST (knowledge, funding and networks) in these partners, and we MOBILIZE volunteers with these partners. To ensure clarity and sustainability, each Forest Hill campus has one AIM School Partnership. We select these school partners based on proximity to each campus, the school's Title 1 status, and the Principal's willingness to allow our volunteers to serve their student body, teachers and faculty.

When our church participants serve in their communities, it provides a rich discipleship opportunity for them, while also coming alongside our AIM partners—whose work is already changing lives - to provide support to help them go further, faster with their identified mission and vision.


People Engaged with Forest Hill Church

Lindsay Luton Kim Christner Joanna Street Charles Waters Amy Ford Terri Foster Jen Wetzel Haley Potter Lisa Fuller Tim Brauer Caleb Dugger Danielle Thibodeau Shelley  Walsh Alison Gamble Erika Efthymiou Deanna Lee Brenda Sweeney Jackie Haire Marlize Visagie Hannah Zgrabik Dean Phillips Daniel Scroggins Kathryn Summers - Carrick Jennifer Dixon Brittany Romano Tabitha Reed Tommy Beecher cindy cosgrove Manny Kneisl DiAnn Wilson Emily Leoblein Rebecca  Gardner Kenneth Gordon Emma Ryan Jessica Pierson Emily Luse Bethany Igo Hannah Vaughn Brooke Christmas Merritt Denham Stacey Milam Laura Macek Heather Moilanen Brooke Christmas Lindsey Barber Patricia Miljanich Julia  Dixon Janice Wetteroff Emily New Amanda King Rhonda Girvin david kiel Susan Moore Robert Ellis Rob Foster Lauren Campbell Allen Payne's Life Group Paul Fackler Ellie Fisher Kristy Bell Robert  Savage Jarrett Robinson Brittney Householder Len Holmgren Sarah Fackler Sally Holmgren Heather  Morris Kim Huff Cathy Hovis Bob Ryan SHELLY GAY Kellie Morrison Megan Foster Denise Mackey Christy Wade Clarence Fisher andrea velardo Sarah Noland Esther Park Catherine Mann Courtney English Susan Lineberger Mariel Liceaga Eric  Hovis Nelsa  Ciapponi Laura Alison Angie Michaud David Wales Marlessa Southern Janine Parrott Ryan Stonebrook Sam  Ryan Pedro Neira Michelle Daily Andrea Baer Andrea Fisher Kenn Silvea Katie Clapp Lindsey Heiser Janna Smith

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